Current Student:

Hyeunseok Chen ( ``Thin-Film Studies of Polyfluorene''

Former students:

 Withoon Chunwaschirasi (withoon.mahidol @
Ph.D. 2005, Title: ``
Studies of Structure and Photophysics in Polysilanes''
Current Status: Faculty at Mahidol University
Bo Zhan (, Masters Student ``Diffraction Studies of Aliphatic Hydrocarbons under Conditions of High Shear''
Current Status: Software engineer

Ty Prosa, tprosa @
Ph.D. 1996, Title: ``X-Ray Diffraction Structural Studies of Neutral and Iodine Intercalated Poly(3-Alkylthiophenes)''
Current Status: Staff scientist at Imago Corporation

Guomin Mao, Guomin.Mao @
Ph.D. 1997, Title: ``Structural Studies of Alkali-metal Intercalated Poly(p-phenylene vinylene)''; Current Status: Staff Current Status: Staff Scientist at Magic Tech

Dong Chen, (dongc @
Ph.D. 1992, Title: ``Structural Studies of Poly(p-phenylene vinylene)''
Current Status: Staff Scientist, IBM , Boca Raton
Last Updated: August, 2006