Physics 207 Lecture Demonstrations,  Fall 2007

Monday, September 3 (Labor Day)

Wednesday, September 5 (Introduction to the Course)

Monday, September 10  (Space, Time and Measurement)

Wednesday, September 12 (1-D Motion)

Monday, September 17 (Measurements and Vectors)

Wednesday, September 19 (2-D Motion)

Monday, September 25 (Laws of Motion)

Wednesday, September 27 (Circular Motion)

Monday, October 2 (Catch-up Lecture)

Wednesday, October 4 (Review for Exam #1)

Monday, October 9 (Energy and Energy Transfer)

Wednesday, October 11 (Potential Energy)

Monday, October 16 (Linear Momentum and Collisions)

Wednesday, October 18 (Rotation)

Monday, October 23 (Angular Momentum and Torque)

Monday, October 25  (Static Equilibrium and Elasticity)

Monday, October 30 (Catch-up Lecture)

Wednesday, November  1 (Review for Exam #2)

  Monday, November 6  (Fluid Mechanics) Wednesday, November 8 (Oscillatory Motion)

Monday, November  13 (Wave Motion)

Wednesday, November 15 (Sound Waves)

Monday, November 18 (Superposition and Standing Waves)

Wednesday, November 20 (Catch-up Lecture)

Monday, November 27 (Review for Exam #3)

Wednesday, November 29 (Temperature)

Monday, December 4  (Heat and 1st Law of Thermodynamics)

Wednesday, December 6 (Kinetic Theory)

Monday, December 11 (Second Law of Thermodynamics)

Wednesday, December 13 (Review for final)

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