M-2: Vector Calculator

This Java applet accompanies the M2 Force table experiment to demonstrate the process of vector addition using either two or three vectors. By clicking and draging the cursor with the grid area you will generate a colored vector. The Cartesian and polar coordinates are displayed along the right hand side.

Use the various labeled buttons to conduct the indicated vector sums. Note for Expt. M2 these vectors represent force. Vectors 1 and 2 are drawn in yellow to better visualize the parallelogram; you can think of them as representing the original vectors, translated so as to perform the sum in a "tip-to-tail" fashion.

The "Clear" button allows you to remove the last vector you added; an "All Clear" allows you to start all over again.

If you can see this text (instead of the applet that's supposed to be here), it means your browser is not Java-enabled.