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Consultation Hours

All TA Office Hours are held in the Physics 201/207 Consulting room, 2131 Chamberlin Hall. You may drop in any time, but to help us avoid needless repetition, we suggest that you come at the beginning of one of the scheduled time periods. You may see any of the TA's (in either physics 201 or 207) -- you are not restricted to consulting during your own TA's hours.  

Consulting hours begin the week of Sept. 9

PHYS 207  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
7:45 am     Valerie Plaus    
8:50 am  LECTURE   LECTURE   Yuanfeng Gao, Valerie Plaus HONORS LEC. 
9:55 am  Bjorn Van Bael   Matthew McCaskey  Valerie Plaus  Bjorn Van Bael
11:00 am Matthew McCaskey   Matthew McCaskey  Bjorn Van Bael Yu Gao
12:05 pm          
1:20 pm      Lindsey Gray   Lindsey Gray  Yuanfeng Gao
2:25 pm
   Lindsey Gray  Jianjia Fei  Yuanfeng Gao
3:30 pm  Yu Gao      Jianjia Fei  
4:35 pm  Yu Gao    Jianjia Fei    

 PHYS 201 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
7:45 am


8:50 am


9:55 am

  Mike Glatzmeier
11:00 am

Mike Glatzmeie
12:05 pm
1:20 pm
      Lisa Hardy
Lisa Hardy  
 2:25 pm

Lisa Hardy Eli Parke
3:30 pm
 Eli Parke Eli Parke

4:35 pm

Shajid Haque

6:00 pm


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