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Labs start the week of September 9, and are held in 4310 Chamberlin Hall. You are not required to keep a lab notebook - but for each lab you need to fill out and hand in at the end of each lab a question sheet made available to you on this page.  One lab, later in the semester, will be likely selected for a formal 'lab writeup' for one of the labs during the semester. Later in the semester your TA will tell you which lab your section will be doing. You may wish to take more extensive notes when you do this lab. Details of the lab writeup will appear here as well.

Further information about the laboratory and the on-line version of the manual itself can be found at 207 Lab Server  (or  at

The labs will in most cases closely follow the Physics 207 lab manual, with the questions sheet as a supplement. In a few of the labs, including the first one, the question sheet is self-contained.

Week of Lab Description Question sheet
Sept. 3 None First week of classes  
Sept. 10 M1a,c  Errors and Motion Lab 1
Sept. 17 M4  Acceleration in Freefall Lab 2
Sept. 24 M2, M5  Equilibrium Forces, Projectile Motion Lab 3
Oct. 1 None  Exam week. Possible make-up of missed labs  
Oct. 8 M6  Uniform Circular Motion Lab 4
Oct. 15 MC-11b Air Track, Collisions  Lab 5
Oct. 22 Special Energy and Work Simulations Lab 6
Oct. 29 None Exam week. Possible make-up of missed labs  
Nov. 5 MC-12b  Simple Harmonic Motion and Resonance
(This lab has been chosen for a formal write up)
Lab 7
Example Writeup
Nov. 12 Special Blood Pressure Lab 8
Nov. 19 None Thanksgiving recess week  
Nov. 26 None Exam week. Possible make-up of missed labs  
Dec. 3 HC1 FCI & Absolute Zero (Caution: liquid N2 can be dangerous if not used safely) Lab 9
Dec. 10 SC1,SC2 Standing Waves on String, Velocity of Sound Lab 10




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