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General Course Information - Fall 2007

(Last modified 8/31/07)


Calculus (Math 221 or equivalent), algebra, and trigonometry will be used.
  • Materials Needed:

    Text:  Physics for Scientists and Engineers
      with Modern Physics , 1st edition
      Randall Knight,  Pearson - Addison Wesley
  • Lab manual: Rollefson and Richards, Laboratory Experiments in General Physics (hard copy optional, on-line version at
  • Lab notebook: Primarily used for taking notes. Thus a small spiral bound notebook is acceptable. Bring it to your first laboratory meeting.
  • Calculator: Preferably with trigonometric, exponential, and logarithmic functions. Know how to use it, and make sure batteries are charged for exams.
Knight image


8:50 am MWF in 2103 Chamberlin Hall
The lectures supplement but do not substitute for the reading.  Read the assigned material before lecture.  
The Friday lectures are optional except for honors students.  Everyone is encouraged to attend. 
(Attendance will be taken during the honors lecture.)


Prof. M.J. Winokur (5106 Chamberlin Hall,,     263-7475)
Office Hours: MW 11-noon in 5106 Chamberlin Hall (or by appointment).
Prof. Pupa Gilbert (5116 Chamberlin Hall,, 262-5829)
Office Hrs. M 10-11 am in 5116 Chamberlin Hall

Discussion sections:

Your discussion section will be led by your TA who will be your prime contact and source of assistance. General questions about the homework are allowed before it is due, but don't expect your TA to work out the solutions for you in advance. Quizzes will occasionally be given in your discussion session and will likely count towards your grade.
office/ph  Discussion Lab (4310 Ch)
Yu Gao

5216 Chamberlin
601-TR  11:00 AM
455 Noland
614-TR    4:35 PM
2112 Chamberlain
301-M   9:55-12:50 PM

314-R    7:05-10:00 PM
Lindsey Gray

4269 Chamberlin
602-TR    8:50 AM
2116 Chamberlin
606-MW 12:05 PM
2124 Chamberlin
302-M   1:20-  4:15 PM

306-T    3:30-  6:25 PM

Yuanfeng Gao

4254 Chamberlin
603-MW  1:20 PM
2108 Chamberlin
613-TR  11:00 AM
579 Noland
303-M   7:05-10:00 PM

313-R    3:30-  6:25 PM

Valerie Plaus
2308 Chamberlin
604-TR    7:45 AM
2108 Chamberlin
612-MW  1:20 PM
2112 Chamberlin
304-T    8:50-11:45 AM

312-R  12:05-  3:00 PM

Matthew McCaskey
4254 Chamberlin
605-MW  3:30 PM
2116 Chamberlin
610-TR  11:00 AM
553 Noland
305-T  12:05-  3:00 PM

310-W   7:05-10:00 PM

Bjorn Van Bael
2304  Chamberlin
607-TR   8:50 AM
2124 Chamberlin
609-TR   9:55 AM
2124 Chamberlin
307-T    7:05-10:00 PM

309-W   3:30-  6:25 PM

Jianjia Fei
4254 Chamberlin
608-TR   4:35 PM
2108 Chamberlin
611-MW 3:30 PM
2124 Chamberlin
308-W 12:05-  3:00 PM

311-R    8:50-11:45 AM

Electronic Aids:

All of the instructors are available by e-mail (see above), and there is an e-mail list for the entire class that will occasionally be used for important announcements. The course, Physics 207, has a Home Page   ( on the web where you will find the full set of up-to-date course information and links to useful resources.
We will use the eInstruction response pad in many lectures. You need to buy one of these at the bookstore, in addition to the textbook. You will use the 'clicker' regularly in class to answer 2-4 questions throughout the lecture that let you assess your understanding of the material. Your class participation grade is based on this.  (You will be given 12 "free" passes.)


You should read through the "General Instructions" in the laboratory manual (pages 1-3) but, in general, there will be no formal lab write ups. Instead we will rely on worksheets and these will be available from a link on the Laboratories web page.  You may wish to bring a small notebook for your own use.  These worksheets are to be written up during the laboratory period in the lab notebook.   The laboratory is in 4310 Chamberlin Hall.  Further information about the lab can be found at 207 Lab Server  ( You are required to have a valid excuse for making up any specific lab.  A make-up slot is scheduled on every exam week. Two missed lab write-ups will lower your final grade by one full letter.  Three missed labs is unacceptable and will result in a failing course grade.


The homework problems are assigned according to the syllabus for each week. This course will employ the on-line server at  Note that you will need to pay extra for access to this server if you have purchased a used book.  
Late problem sets will be accepted but receive no credit. For most students keeping up with both the reading and homework are essential to assimilate the material. Homework will count towards your grade. You are strongly encouraged to work with others on the homework, but make sure the answers you give are not simply copied from someone else. The solutions will be discussed in your discussion session and placed on reserve in the Physics Library (4220 Chamberlin).

Evening exams:

Evening exams (90 minutes) will be given on:
Oct .  4 
Chapters 1-7   
Nov.  1
Chapters 8-11,13 
Nov. 29
Chapters  14-18
The exams will be closed-book, but you will be allowed one handwritten 8 1/2 x 11-inch sheet of notes. The exams will be graded and handed back in your first discussion session of the following week. Solutions will be discussed and placed on reserve in the Physics Library (4220 Chamberlin Hall). There will be no makeup exams.  However there will be at least one earlier time slot for those unable to make an evening exam.

Final Exam:

The Final Exam will be at 12:25 PM on Monday, Dec 17th (B102 & B130 Van Vleck).  
The exam will be semi-cumulative and cover (Chapters 1-21, excluding 12) with ~40% from chapters 19-21,~30% from 14-18 and the rest from 1-13 (excluding 12).  There will be approximately twenty questions, short answer and conceptual, all of which will be multiple choice.  You will be allowed up to four 8 1/2 x 11-inch sheets of notes.

Grading: See (Grading Specifics)

The course grade will consist of the following components:
Evening exams (three)
   16% each
Final exam
Discussion      8%
Class (Clickers)      2%

Additional Information

* Lecture Demonstrations
* Physics 207 Lab Server
* Exam Rooms and Procedures
* Comments on Grading
* Statement about Academic Misconduct
* Greater University Tutoring Service (GUTS)
* UW Physics Club (free tutoring)
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