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  • Final will be at 12:25 to 2:25 PM, Monday, Dec. 17
  • The exam will cover Chapters 1-21 (excluding 12) with ~40% from
    chapters 19-21,~30% from 14-18 and the rest from 1-13 (excluding 12). 
    There will be twenty questions, short answer and conceptual, all of which will be multiple choice.  You will be allowed up to four 1-side sheets, 8.5 x 11 inches in size and hand-written.
  • Our class is large and so we have two rooms assigned. Make sure you follow the assignments listed below:

    Van Vleck room B102 sections:
    Mat McCaskey   605 610
    Yu Gao            601 614
    Lindsey Gray    602 606
    Yuanfeng Gao  603 613

    Van Vleck room B130 sections:
    Valerie Plaus    604 612
    Bjorn vanBael  607 609
    Jianjia Fei        608 611
  •  McBurney students are to go to room 2108 in Chamberlin Hall  and your exam begins at 12:25 PM



Goals of Physics 207

1. To understand basic principles (e.g. Newton's Laws) and their consequences (e.g. conservation of momentum, etc.).
2. To solve problems using both quantitative and qualitative applications of these physical principles.
3. To develop an intuition of the physical world.
4. To prepare students for the application of physics to topics not explicitly covered by courses.
5. To characterize physical observations quantitatively and understand its statistical significance.

Study Tips

1.  Read text before lectures
2.  Attend lectures, discussion sections and labs
3.  Work through as many problems as possible; working cooperatively with a group is generally a plus
4.  Correct reasoning is more important than obtaining a correct final number



Galileo's classic experiment

Generating a shock wave

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